Charlemagne vs alfred the great

This is unlikely; his succession could not have been foreseen at the time as Alfred had three living elder brothers. A letter of Leo IV shows that Alfred was made a " consul "; a misinterpretation of this investiture, deliberate or accidental, could explain later confusion. With civil war looming the magnates of the realm met in council to hammer out a compromise. Alfred was troubled by health problems throughout his life.

Charlemagne vs alfred the great

History[ edit ] Rise of the Carolingians c. Only the remaining Saxon realms, which he partly conquered, Lombardyand the Marca Hispanica south of the Pyrenees were significant additions to the Frankish realms after his death.

Martel was also the founder of all the feudal systems and merit system that marked the Carolingian Empire, and Europe in general during the Middle Ages, though his son and grandson would gain credit for his innovations. Further, Martel cemented his place in history with his defense of Christian Europe against a Muslim army at the Battle of Tours in The Iberian Saracens had incorporated Berber light horse cavalry with the heavy Arab cavalry to create a formidable army that had almost never been defeated.

Christian European forces, meanwhile, lacked the powerful tool of the stirrup. In this victory, Charles earned the surname Martel "the Hammer". Charlemagne was crowned Roman Emperor in the year Found in the Netherlands He seized the Lombard Kingdom inled a failed campaign into Spain inextended his domain into Bavaria inordered his son Pepin to campaign against the Avars inand conquered Saxon territories in wars and rebellions fought from to Pepin died with an illegitimate son, Bernardinand Charles died without heirs in King Bernard of Italy died in in imprisonment after rebelling a year earlier, and Italy was brought back into Imperial control.

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Meanwhile, in Louis had established three new Carolingian Kingships for his sons from his first marriage: His attempts in to bring his fourth son from his second marriageCharles the Bald into the will was marked by the resistance of his eldest sons, and the last years of his reign were plagued by civil war.

Lothar was stripped of his co-Emperorship in [ why? Pepin and Louis the German revolted infollowed by Lothar inand together they imprisoned Louis the Pious and Charles. Inpeace was made within the family, and Louis was restored to the Imperial throne. When Louis the Pious finally died inLothar claimed the entire empire irrespective of the partitions.

After losing the Battle of FontenayLothar fled to his capital at Aachen and raised a new army, which was inferior to that of the younger brothers. In the Oaths of StrasbourginCharles and Louis agreed to declare Lothar unfit for the imperial throne.


Considered a milestone in European history, the Oaths of Strasbourg symbolize the birth of both France and Germany. Louis was guaranteed the Kingship of all lands to the east of the Rhine and to the north and east of Italy, which was called the Eastern Frankish Realm which was the precursor to modern Germany.

Charles received all lands west of the Rhone, which was called the Western Frankish Realm. Lothar died individing his kingdom into three parts:King Alfred of Wessex (r) is probably the best known of all Anglo-Saxon rulers, even if the first thing to come into many people’s minds in connection with .

Charlemagne is also known as “Charles the Great.” He was the most famous ruler in the Middle Ages.

England, A History of; ALFRED THE GREAT

He was the most famous ruler in the Middle Ages. He was the king of the Franks from and the emperor of the Romans from Charlemagne vs.

Alfred Both Charlemagne and Alfred had a lot of conquests and many victories. They were both highly praised emperors by their people and other kings.

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They were both intellectual and knew how to keep a big empire thriving, almost as good as the Romans. They were also both devoted to their religion and wanted to get as many people to convert to Christianity.

Nov 06,  · Best Answer: Charlemagne and Alfred the Great are both heros to the Christian Church. They came from different places and fought different enemies, but they both influenced the world through their military Resolved.

Charlemagne Vs Alfred The Great A great ruler is a different concept for different people. It can include great skill in battle, or great administration strategy.

Charlemagne vs alfred the great Explains Great asPowerful; influential: one of the great nations of the West. The Carolingian Empire (–) was a large empire in western and central Europe during the early Middle Ages.

It was ruled by the Carolingian dynasty, which had ruled as kings of the Franks since and as kings of the Lombards of Italy from

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