Taj case study

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Taj case study

The November Attack On Mumbai Nevertheless, it can be argued that the attack, which lasted for three days, is a major terrorist event for a number of reasons.

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The main reasons being the number of casualties, the duration of the attack, the massive media attention, and the fact that it involves the relationship between India and Pakistan; two nuclear powers already in conflict over Kashmir.

This short description and analysis does not give a full account Taj case study the events unfolding in Mumbai November Nonetheless, we will look at the preparations leading up to the attack and the attack itself, before we take a look at the perpetrators.

After that we will look at the target- and tactic Taj case study, make a short assessment of the impact of the attack, before we conclude. Event Map The preparation leading up to the event started a long time before the actual attack on Mumbai.

There was an extensive reconnaissance of targets, in addition to other preparations. These activities started at least as early as Richey, ; Tankel, However, some of the targets were not added until a month before the attack Richey, ; Tankel, The operation started on November 22 or 23 when the group of ten terrorists left the port of Karachi in Pakistan on a small boat, before transferring to a larger vessel called Al-Husseini.

They later hijacked an Indian fishing trawler on the high seas Fair, ; Government of India, ; Kambere et al. The terrorists killed the crew and ordered the captain to sail them to Mumbai, some kilometres away Fair, ; Government of India, ; Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, ; Rabasa et al.

They arrived on Wednesday November When they approached the port of Mumbai the terrorist transferred into inflatable speedboats, after killing the captain of the trawler.

After landing at Badhwar Park at about When the two terrorists arrived they started firing and throwing hand grenades on commuters, and continued this indiscriminately killing for 90 minutes before police with adequate firepower arrived and forced them to leave the station. After hijacking another car they were finally intercepted by the police.

In the following gun battle one terrorist was killed while the other was wounded and captured. It was later determined that this team killed a third of the total victims Fair, ; Jenkins, ; Rabasa et al.

Another team of two terrorists walked from the beach to Nariman House, a five-story building renamed as Chabad House. Chabad House was a Jewish community centre. On arrival they threw grenades at a gas station across the street from the complex, opened fire on the building, and then entered the lobby.

They eventually took 13 hostages. Later they would kill five of them before preparing themselves for the coming police assault. The police killed both terrorists.

This team accounted for eight of the total fatalities Fair, ; Government of India, ; Rabasa et al. A third two-man team of terrorists headed to the Trident-Oberoi Hotel, were they entered Trident Hotel through the main entrance shooting.

They then crossed over to the Oberoi and fired bullets into a restaurant. After this the terrorists moved to the 16th and 18th floors of the Oberoi were they kept many guests as hostage. This siege continued for approximately 17 hours before the police managed to kill the terrorists. This group of terrorists managed to kill 30 people before they themselves were killed Fair, ; Government of India, ; Rabasa et al.

The forth and largest team of four terrorists moved towards the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Then they moved to the North Court entrance of the Taj Hotel. They walked through the grounds and ground floor of the hotel, killing along the way, before moving to the sixth floor of the Heritage Wing.

They set several fires and moved constantly in order to confuse and delay government commandos. The siege at the Taj ended 60 hours later on November 29, when Indian commandos killed the last of the four terrorists Fair, ; Government of India, ; Rabasa et al.

Nine of the terrorist was eventually killed, while Ajmal Kasab was captured alive Kambere et al. Confessions extracted from Kasab and other evidence left behind by the terrorists confirmed that all ten terrorists were Pakistani Lashkar-e-Taiba LeT cadres.

It was established as an Islamic fundamentalist organisation and charity fighting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan Fair, ; Kambere et al. The main objective in this conflict is to unite the whole of Kashmir with Pakistan, followed by Islamizing India, and then spread jihad globally establishing a pan-Islamic Caliphate Bajoria, ; Kambere et al.

Indian intelligence services assess that LeT is present in at least 21 countries worldwide with activities such as liaison and networking, facilitation of terrorist acts by third parties, fundraising, the procurement of weapons and explosives, recruitment of volunteers for suicide missions, the creation of sleeper cells and actual armed conflict A.

It can even be argued that the leniency given to the group by the Pakistani authorities gave LeT an incentive to be obedient to the Pakistani government, and gave the government a leverage over LeT Tankel, Property Case study_Taj.

Did you know? We really love videos. To see videos we really, REALLY love, head to Staff Picks. Ìt also focusses on the hotel's history, its approach to recruiting and training employees, theÌndian culture's "guest is God" philosop.

Taj Hotel Group Case Study Solution & Analysis. In most courses studied at Harvard Business schools, students are provided with a case study.

Taj case study

Major HBR cases concerns on a whole industry, a whole organization or some part of organization; profitable or non-profitable organizations. Recognized as global leaders, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, has forged rewarding relationships with partners, at each of our 98 hotels across the world.

Be it individual owners or institutional developers, with our partners, we have created iconic hotels and delivered value to them. The Ordinary Heroes of the Taj Hotel: Amazing Case Study. studymumbai. Good Parenting. Comments. Not many in India have perhaps come across this case study, but its amazing.

Do see the video around 18 minutes. I have read the book several times and was moved by the researched materials the author collected and presented in a logical manner to prove that Taj Mahal was a Hindu palace, taken over by Sahjahan to remould it to what it is now.

Organizational Behaviour Case Study - The TAJ Group of Hotels. TAJ FINAL. The Taj Group of Hotels Ppt. Taj hotels. THE TAJ’S PEOPE PHILOSOPHY AND STAR SYSEM. Taj Hotels. Case Study. Training and Development at Taj Hotels. Research on TAJ HOTEL. The TAJ People Philosophy. Hr Project Taj Hotel. Mkt Strgs Taj Hotels. I have read the book several times and was moved by the researched materials the author collected and presented in a logical manner to prove that Taj Mahal was a Hindu palace, taken over by Sahjahan to remould it to what it is now. Case Studies in business, management case study covering all the areas of business managment case studies, strategy, marketing, finance, Financial Management & Corporate Finance, economics, leadership, HRM, entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility.
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